What Is The Dog Training Academy?

The Dog Training Academy is the world’s leading website for dog training information. Here, dog owners can learn effective and efficient ways to train their dogs.

With the world evolving in the 21st century, we believe all dogs should be trained without the use of aversive punishments or corrections.

All of our dog training programs, courses, and lessons are results-oriented. They are carefully crafted to achieve these results by strictly adhering to positive dog training methods and techniques.

This means that you will never find anything on this website or inside our programs that inflicts physical pain on your dog. We believe that dogs have the ability to learn without such methods, and it is our responsibility to teach you a better way of training your dog.

About Jean Cote:

Jean and Sophie (cocker spaniel)Jean Cote is the founder and lead trainer of The Dog Training Academy. He is experienced in classical and operant conditioning, as well as competitive obedience and agility training. He has attended lectures and workshops from world renowned experts such as Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson and Susan Garrett.

He first started teaching in 2006 when he created his first online dog training course. He taught dog owners how they could use positive reinforcements to get their dog to do the basic obedience, like sitting, lying down, coming when called, etc. Little did he know that his instructional program would be so well received that he would start receiving e-mails from dog owners all around the world.

In the course of helping these owners, Jean realized that many people were experiencing similar problems with their dogs, so he created The Dog Training Academy to publicly address these problems and help many more dog owners.

Jean is currently creating dog training courses with the goal of spreading the ideas and science of positive reinforcement training. He is also the author of The Power of Positive Reinforcements and is lead author of our “Keys to Successful Dog Training” newsletter.

Our Demo Dogs:

onyx-beautiful-siberian-huskyOnyx is our beautiful Siberian Husky. She has been trained in all four grades of formal obedience and has successfully competed in dog agility competitions. She enjoys recreational Skijoring during the cold winter months.

Our biggest challenge while training her was her deep desire to play with other dogs. She would often abandon us if we tried to train her off leash. This required perseverance and strategically planned training sessions. We increased the distance from the other dogs until she could focus, and then rewarded her for being attentive. She eventually learned to ignore the other dogs.

She is well known for her fabulous trick “Play Chess.” This trick was inspired from the movie Bingo where the dog actor is playing chess. Onyx has been trained to pick up a black peon from a chess board and to put it in a box. This trick has been featured on YouTube and has been viewed more than 30,000 times.

chase-playful-border-collieChase is our playful Border Collie. She was a star in all of her dog training classes and is a certified therapy dog for nursing home visitations. She loves playing with toys so much that she will retrieve for hours at a time.

Her biggest challenge was overcoming fear. She was fearful of many things as a puppy to the point where she would hide in the closet if there was a loud noise. We counter conditioned this by making loud noises before giving her something of value, like playing with a toy. She learned that loud noises meant good things were about to happen.

She is well known for her agility trick “Jump Into My Arms.” This trick always turns people’s head and makes them smile. However it wasn’t an easy trick to teach her, because we had to get her to trust that we wouldn’t drop her. We had to build lots of value for being in our arms first which then progressed into jumping into our arms.