The Ultimate Dog Training Guide


This article is in response to the huge number of comments left on my “What’s your dog’s biggest problem?” video. Because I don’t have time to individually address each issue, I’ve decided to share my dog training guide. This is the process that I go through whenever I want a dog to stop barking, pulling…


12 Ways to Keep a Positive Mental Attitude While Training


Okay, I admit it—I’m an introvert. For years I thought that this was a bad thing, that somehow I needed to be more outgoing and vocal. But what I’ve come to realize is that it gives me a different perspective from most other dog trainers. Being a quiet and calm person leaves me training without…


Your Recent Dog Survey Results


Thank you for participating in the recent dog survey – where you told me what you wanted inside the newsletter. I found the results to be quite interesting and I discuss them in details inside the video below. Click the “PLAY” button: In this video, I discuss the surprising results of the dog survey that…


How I got my husky off leash – Interview with Luann Johnson


I’m very excited today to be sharing an interview I recently did with Luann Johnson. Luann had been told by five different dog trainers that her dog could never be off leash, and that it would be very difficult to train her because she was a husky. Well, she didn’t let them stop her! After…


Breaking through self-limiting beliefs with your dog


I’ll be stepping outside the dog training world with this post, and I may even push a few of you outside your comfort zones. But I believe it’s important to both have a strong inner game and to use science-based training methods and techniques to be an effective dog trainer. I was inspired to write…


Making sense of different dog training methods


In my first article for The Dog Training Academy, I would like to talk about different dog training philosophies and methods. If you are just starting out, then this article will prove to be incredibly useful in helping you sift through the different dog training methods available today; and if you are more advanced, then this…